Periscope And Meerkat Are Yet To Impress Internet Users

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There is a lot of talking around Periscope and Meerkat. But, despite that, it seems both apps have yet to impress Internet users, as reported by GlobalWebIndex.

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In a recent survey, GWI found that Periscope was only used by 1% of Internet users aged 16 to 64, while Meerkat scored just under, with only 0.9%.

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These numbers clearly show that both apps have yet to impress and become major platforms for brands looking into reaching a maximum of their audience. Sure, both Periscope and Meerkat benefit from the “cool” factor, but will that be enough for brands to invest their marketing efforts in the longer term?

GWI explained:

Overall, Periscope has the (albeit slender) lead over Meerkat. But that both are being used by a tiny minority shows how much work needs to be done before this type of app captures the attention of the mainstream audience.

Of course, both apps are much stronger among the 16 to 34 age groups, with their stronger penetration being among Internet users aged 25-34.


Overall, Periscope is in the lead, even if it is only a very slender one. Now, can these low numbers become a question of survival for both platforms? Or is it still too early to reach any conclusions concerning their viability?

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