Oreo Creates Custom Cookies With The Help Of Twitter

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Festivals are a great opportunity for brands and advertisers to showcase their most creative ideas. SXSW Interactive has quite some reputation for bringing into the limelight creative technology solutions and it was this year’s choice of OREO to demonstrate their latest achievement in creative advertising.

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Who doesn’t love OREOs? And who wouldn’t like custom made flavour OREOs prepared just for them? That seemed to be the rationale behind the creation and execution of the “Trending Vending” Machine. The vending machine is checking the trending topics on Twitter and produces unique flavours with the aid of an algorithm that processes all data collected from the social network.

The user sees a welcome screen at the beginning and, after that, he can scroll through the trending topics on Twitter. By choosing one, a preview of the OREO cookie is shown on the screen and the order is being processed. And  users can actually see the cookies being produced right in front of their eyes. Visitors can also opt to create a mashup cookie with their own combination.

OREO did not just want to create a UX that will depict the cookie making procedure. They went a step further and they actually installed a prototype mechanism Рa mini factory Р that produces the OREOs in real time. This way they ensured that each OREO is trully made for you and by you. Check out the fabulous video that explains the project step by step.

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