Order Your KLM Care Tag And Enjoy A Pleasant Stay In Amsterdam

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Are you planning to travel to Amsterdam soon? Having a stopover in the famous city? Worry not, as The Netherlands’ national air carrier, KLM, has a gift for you.

KLM is known for its innovative use of social and digital media, but it has now taken us by surprise, by introducing a discreet piece of hardware, called “Care Tag”, to make your stay in Amsterdam much more pleasant.

The KLM Care Tag looks like a usual luggage tag that holiday makers and travelers can attach to their luggage or backpack. Only that it’s not, as it comes with an audio functionality and a GPS sensor. What it does is that it tracks your location and offers you localised tips and info, based on your current coordinates. The KLM Care Tag is re-chargeable via USB, so that you can use it as many times as you like.

So, if you’re strolling around a busy area in downtown Amsterdam, it will inform you to take extra care of your personal belongings, or even tell you where’s the best place to rent a boat when you’re walking down the canals.

To make the experience feel a bit more homey, KLM has used the friendly voices of its crew to record its messages. Care Tag is available for pre-orders and will be delivered to visitors heading to Amsterdam in September. Be quick, as availability is limited!

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