Only 1 in 2 Facebook User Is Really ‘Active’

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With over 1.3 billion users, Facebook is by far the largest social network, no doubt about that. But despite claiming 840 million monthly active users, it seems the platform is losing its interactivity.

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The latest research from GlobalWebIndex indicates that only 52% of Facebook users identified themselves as active on the platform, down from 70% in 2012. The report also shows an eventual correlation with the fast rise of mobile networking.

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Here are the findings from GWI:


Let’s look at 2 possible reasons why Facebook users are less ‘active’ on the platform:

1. Facebook Is Becoming A News Platform

There are many reasons behind the increasing amount of “passive” usage of Facebook but the content and the strategy implemented by Facebook itself are likely to be key elements.

The platform has explained several times how it wants to become the newspaper of the 21st century. Facebook wants NewsFeed to be the place where online users will come to stay updated on what is happening, from major world events to what their friends and families have been up to.

Well this is exactly what users are doing more and more. They are coming to Facebook to find out what has happened, scroll through the newsfeed, and more often than not, leave without interacting with the content.

2. The Explosion of Messaging apps

There are literally dozens of them; Messaging apps are now at the heart of the connected generation. Apps like WhatsApp, Viber and even Facebook’s own Messenger are gaining thousands of users every day.

We use them to communicate with our friends, families or colleagues. It is easy to understand why interactivity may be losing ground on Facebook when it is so much easier, faster and fun to interact with people using these apps that keep on offering us new ways to do so.

What about you then? Do you consider yourself an ‘active’ user of Facebook? Or do you use Facebook as a way to keep yourself informed and focus on other networks to interact with your friends and family?

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