Now Facebook Will Improve The Way You Buy And Sell Stuff

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Back in December, Facebook rolled out “Sell Something”, a new feature allowing users to sell stuff within Facebook groups.

Starting today, Facebook is rolling out an improved version of the feature to all users.

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The new “For Sale” groups come with improved features for buying and selling: you can now add a description to what you’re selling, include a price and set a pick-up/delivery location.


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You can also mark posts as Available or Sold. This way it is clear what you are selling at the moment and all the stuff you sell can be easily reviewed as part of a “catalog” of everything you have sold.


Facebook announced that these new features will roll out to all  For Sale Groups over  the coming months. If you can’t wait, you can nominate your group here to speed up the process.

Have you been using For Sale groups before on Facebook? Or is that something you would be looking to use?

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