Now Facebook Wants To Own The Classroom

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Facebook is much more than a social media network, that we all know. The internet giant has set foot on a variety of different projects that span from space to improving everyday life. Its latest initiative aims at improving education.

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For the past few years, Facebook has been collaborating with Summit Public Schools, a a public charter school in California. Summit Public Schools take pride in having 96% of its graduates accepted in at least one 4-year college or university. What’s more impressive, is that Summit Schools enrol a variety of students, all coming from different cultural and financial backgrounds, forming an impressive mix.

So, how did this particular school achieve such great results? Its success lies on its unique educational approach. Students are encouraged to “self-learn” and work on a project-based curriculum. And this is where Facebook steps in. With the help of technology and the power of its experienced software engineers, Facebook is helping Summit Public Schools rethink and improve is Personalized Learning Plan (PLP).


The best part? Facebook is doing this for free and, according to the results of the trials, it will improve and distribute its platform to other schools as well, for free. It looks like, apart from selling ads, Facebook is also giving back to society.

Disclaimer: For all students out there this does not mean that you are allowed to access Facebook during class hours.

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