No More Emoji, MimeChat Is The New Super Cool Way To Chat

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With social media came a new way to communicate. Messaging platform have rendered the SMS obsolete. Nowadays, messaging platforms are full of features, and they make conversation easier and faster. With them. came a new way of expressing ourselves: Emoji.

Today, Emoji themselves are about to become obsolete, because there is a new super duper cool way to express ourselves: MimeChat.

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MimeChat is a new app, already available for all iOS and Android devices.

With MimeChat, you no longer have to rely on Emoji to express yourself. It’s now time to create your avatar and animate it according to how you feel and what you want to say.

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And because the person with whom you’re chatting has her own avatar, conversations become much more colourful, fun and animated!


MimeChat is not about using faceless standard avatars. You get to create your own and make as resemblant (or not). You can customise it with an array of skin tones, hairstyles, clothes and accessories.

They’re virtual characters representing you, your best friend Chloe, your boyfriend Nick, and anyone else in your life. Your dad may not even know what an avatar is, but I’m sure he’d enjoy seeing yours dance across his smartphone screen.

And then, let the conversation begin! The app comes with more than 60 mimes expressing the full spectrum of human emotion, from happy, excited, and in love to scared or mildly violent.  And guess what? There’s sound too!

So are you ready to mime-up your conversations?

Get MimeChat on your phone now:

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