Nike Wants You To Disconnect. Now.

by • January 9, 2017 • Creative CampaignsComments Off on Nike Wants You To Disconnect. Now.6124

According to a recent survey by Nielsen, Americans devote more than 10 hours per day to “screen time,” and this number shows no sign of stalling. Instead, it’s growing rapidly

Apart from the obvious disadvantages of sedentary life, the truth is that sometimes all this abundance of information can lead to overwhelmed viewers, thirsty for more data consumption – hello there adaptive news feeds!

Nike’s latest campaign brings this behaviour of information-aided procrastinating to the spotlight. It’s not a fancy ad with killer graphics and an emotional tune. It’s best-viewed as a wake-up call to an increasingly connected society, trapped in repetitive behaviours.

So what do you say? Will you go for a run?

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