Nike Tops List of Most Instagrammed Fashion Brands

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Instagram is huge in fashion – brands, designers, fashionistas, shows. But fashion is huge on Instagram too. Ever wondered what the biggest brands are on Instagram? Well, m by Macy’s did a little study and found out. Apparently Nike is the most “instagrammed” fashion brand of all! Are you surprised?

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I’m not surprised that it is at the top, but I am surprised by “how much”. Nike has a stellar social media presence with an incredible strategy, especially in terms of user-generated content. So, it’s only natural that Nike tops a few “best of” lists on social media. The study found that Nike currently has more hashtag mentions and more followers than any other fashion brand out there on Instagram. By far!

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In fact it has over twice the hashtag mentions than Prada, which is second on the list. When looking at the number of followers, Nike still beats the competition by a long shot. The brand beats adidas Originals, (second on the list) three times over on the number of followers! Have a look at the lists below, for more info about all brands that were compared in the study. You can also have a look at an interactive version right here.


Macy’s explained the rationale used for the study, and the data it used:

A seed list of brands was collected from Socialbakers, Brand Directory League Table and Macy’s. Brands that only sell their clothing in their own stores (i.e. department stores and retailers) were excluded, as were brands that aren’t active in the US.

Data on followers and hashtag mentions for the brands on the seed list was gathered from the Instagram API. The list was then filtered to 49 brands by selecting brands with the highest number of followers and the highest number of posts containing their branded hashtag.

What DO YOU think contributes to Nike’s success?

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