Nike Just Did It With Awesome First-Person VR Videos

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Do you need more proof that VR and social media are here to stay? Well, we got it. And this time it comes from one of the pioneers of innovation – read Nike. Yes, the multinational giant launched a series of videos that leverage the hottest trends in the digital industry.

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With YouTube launching a series of features to support 360 videos, it was only a matter of time before a brand took fully advantage of the toolset available. And while Nike may not be the first one to do so (even catwalks feature VR experiences nowadays), it’s certainly one of the most interesting executions using the technology available.

More specifically, Nike has created one of the first YouTube VR interactive videos, featuring football (US: soccer) superstar Neymar Jr. The video is shoot in 360-degree mode and you can view it on all devices.

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If you are on desktop, then load it on your Chrome browser and drag around. If you’re on mobile, then load it on the Youtube app and move your device right, left, up and down to get the full view. However, for maximum results, you can view the video on your Android mobile and attach it to a cardboard headset. This way you will get to live the whole 360, VR experience right in front of your eyes.

What’s more to that? Well, click below and enjoy!

Image courtesy of Nike.

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