Newcastle Brown Ale Is Giving Money To Twitter Followers

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Since the 2014 superball and its now cult “If We Made It” ad campaign, Newcastle Brown Ale gained itself a  place in our top “Stunt Marketing” players.

And now they are back, this time they are going after Twitter followers.

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Despite everything the brand has done up to now, it seems Newcastle Brown Ale did not yet manage to gain a serious follow-up on Twitter. The brand stagnates at around 16,ooo fans.

Now, the good people at Newcastle Brown Ale, decided their brand is worth at least 50,000 Twitter followers. But instead of organizing a contest or creating loads of original content – which would be a “lot of work” – they decided to go “stunt” again: They will send a whole full dollar to each of their next 50,000 Twitter followers.

Of course, this is not simply a “lame” way of buying followers, but a very original and well managed campaign by Droga5.

And this is all in the name of transparency, as Newcastle Brown Ale rightly asks:

Why should people endure the unsolicited marketing of other beer brands for free when they can endure Newcastle’s unsolicited marketing and get paid?

Of course, I followed @Newcastle on Twitter. And They were actually not joking as per the message I received within a few hours, inviting me to give them my contact details to receive my cheque.


You can find out more about this campaign on the official website:

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