New Tool Lets Facebook Friends Help In Suicide Prevention

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Facebook is rolling out a new feature that will provide resources, advice and support to people that are struggling with self-harming and suicidal thoughts.

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According to the announcement, Facebook has collaborated with various organisations, as well as former patients that helped them detect patterns of distressed behaviours and form mechanisms that could help prevent such incidents.

First of all, Facebook urges its members to report any suspicious behaviour to their local emergency services. Then, they can report any troubling content to Facebook‘s team. The social network has set up a 24/7 team that collects and investigates such reports and prioritises events that could lead to people being in danger.


For all those members that need support, Facebook has also set up a special section that encourages them to contact a mental health expert or open up to a friend who cares about them, or even offer them some practical advice on how to handle distressing thoughts.

From now on, when someone flags a content as troubling, he or she will be given the opportunity to contact  directly their distressed friend to let them know they care.

These updates will be available in the U.S. in the following months with plan for international expansion.

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