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While LinkedIn‘s publishing platform is a success among its users, there was one thing that was missing: In-depth analytics. One may argue that the currently available stats -these are views, likes and shares- are more than decent for the average user, but in the world of big data and big analysis this is not always enough.

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Don’t get too excited though, as users should not expect insights in the likes of Google Analytics. LinkedIn has proceeded with caution, giving user just a larger piece of the data cake.

First of all, users can check if they have access to their analytics by clicking here.

If the link above does not work for your profile, then tough luck. Don’t worry though, as you may find more details on how LinkedIn analytics will look like once you have access, courtesy of Mr. David Petherick, who first spotted the update.

The new LinkedIn analytics offer, apart from the standard overview, a more detailed look on each post’s performance individually. Users can select the post they won’t to check and get data regarding the distribution of its views in a single graph. By hovering over specific dates, they can see the number of views for that day. According to the same post, LinkedIn users can see data for the last six months, so if your post is older than that, then you may not see the corresponding analysis.

wersm linkedin posts analytics - post views

In addition, LinkedIn now offers insights regarding the traffic sources. In the new analytics, publishers may find the Top 4 traffic sources for each post. Moreover, you may now see which users saw your posts or commented on them. Although it only refers to logged-in users, it can still provide a good overview of the demographics that engaged with your posts.

wersm linkedin posts analytics - post demographics

Do you have access to new Analytics? How do you find them?

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