New “CouchMode” Gives You An Endless Stream Of Live Periscope Video

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Do you love Periscope so much you can never get enough? Well, then “Couchmode” is what you have been waiting for: and endless stream of live Periscope video.

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“Couchmode” allows you to easily flip through live streams on Periscope, just like you would do while watching TV. The name obviously finds its origins from the “couch potato” mode, you know when standing up and/or stop watching TV is just something that seems too hard to do.

With Couchmode, it’s full-time non-stop live video. It has just been announced by Bill Couch, Product engineer at Periscope, but you can already try it at periscope.tv/couchmode.

Couchmode is only available for desktop for now. Videos are still displayed in portrait mode, so the UX isn’t ideal. You can flip to the next live stream by clicking on “Next Broadcast.”


There is no “random” switching between streams at this stage. You will have to click to watch the next stream. However, the guys over at The Next Web have found an easy trick so you can enjoy non-stop random live streams without having to do anything: just add &d=30 at the end of the URL and the stream will automatically switch every 30 seconds (it also works for d=60 or d=90 seconds).

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Although Couchmode is already live and working on desktop, there has been no official announcement as to whether Periscope will make this available on the mobile app as a core feature.

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