Netflix Personal Trainer? Sure, Why Not!

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Instead of just Netflix (chill, optional) or just binge watching, there’s another way. You can hack Netflix to become your personal trainer. 

A new project called “Make It,” promises to turn your favourite Netflix character into a personal trainer who will give you a friendly kick in the butt each time you run out of steam.

Here’s the deal though; You will need to get your hands dirty, as this really is a hacking process (don’t worry, it’s totally legal). You will need to build it yourself, and do a bit of “wiring.” However, Netflix provides you with all the details, and the steps you need to take.

The magic happens as the personal trainer connects to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth, and uses an accelerometer to monitor your activity level during your workout. You can set your own threshold regarding your activity, and the personal trainer motivation kicks in – each time you fall below it. What’s awesome, is that if you happen to watch Netflix as you’re working out, then the personal trainer will interrupt the programme to provide you with much-needed motivation – and then resume back to your favourite show.

As I explained previously, this requires a basic knowledge of electronics and being comfortable with circuit boards and low level coding. However, Netflix has designed a custom PCB to hold all components you need – so as to speed things up.

Another awesome idea by Netflix!

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