Need A Boost On Instagram? Check Out These Tips!

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Instagram offers a great variety of tools and features to create the most captivating content online and has become the ultimate destination (and challenge) for digital marketers. If you’re still contemplating on whether you should include it in your marketing plans, then in the following lines you will find everything you need to know to incorporate Instagram in your social media checklist.

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Instagram boasts 300 million monthly active users that have shared over 30 billion pictures, since its launch in 2010. Everyday, 70 million photos are uploaded which receive 2.5 billion likes. That means that Instagram features an impressive engagement rate – currently 15x higher than that of Facebook. Moreover, the demographics of Instagram reveal that there’s a huge opportunity when it comes to niche audiences.

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So, how is it possible to yield amazing results on Instagram? We found this great infographic at Salesforce that will help you compile an effective strategy.

Key Points To Take Away

  • Optimise the value of your brand by making your content instantly recognisable. Set your own visual tone of voice.
  • – You don’t have to include your product in every snapshot. Just make sure that your branding is always present.
  • – Be consistent, post regularly – this way you increase the possibility of being discovered by fans.
  • – Either by giving sneak peeks or showing behind the scenes, make sure you’re not pitching your products, but providing added value to your followers.
  • Use your own hashtags, but don’t overdo it. If you want to reach far and wide you could also contribute to trending hashtags. Who doesn’t like a good #ThrowbackThursday?
  • Listen, engage with and reward your followers. They will become your brand ambassadors.
  • Don’t overpost; although there’s no specific formula to define how often you should post, make sure you don’t alienate your fans.

Check out more useful tips below.

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