Native Video Totally Dominates Over Other Platforms On Facebook

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It’s been a while since Facebook launched native video on its platform, and the format has grown impressively as more and more brands include video content in their strategies. Video is very engaging, and Facebook is great at delivering it. Especially its own native video.

Images are great! but videos are better. There is a lot more that you can share, or experience, through video. This makes it extremely engaging. So, Facebook encourages users and brands to use it. Whether your video is on Vimeo, YouTube or elsewhere, you can share it on Facebook and get great engagement. But nothing is better than native video on Facebook.

A recent study from Quintly analysed 167,000 profiles and over 6 millions Facebook posts, found that currently 90% of Pages use native videos on Facebook. Also, 90% of the analysed profiles included a Facebook native video; Facebook Live videos included in this. The share of profiles using YouTube is 30%! The study, examining profiles and pages during the period from July to December 2016, also found that 46.9% of profiles analysed “used videos in their Facebook campaign in some form.”

Worth mentioning is the fact that “Vimeo does not seem to play an important role anymore, because only 2% of the pages included a video of this type.” It is the least popular, as the share of Pages “using another video format had an overall share of 7%.”

Perhaps most importantly, the study found that Facebook native videos have a 186% higher interaction rate overall. The interaction rate for Facebook native videos were on average 109.67% higher than for YouTube videos, and this grew even more in December 2016, when interaction rate for Facebook native videos was 186.42% higher.

Quintly’s study also “looked at the amount of shares that Facebook native and YouTube videos received.” Facebook native videos had a 477.76% higher share rate  on average, compared to YouTube videos. In December 2016, that share grew to over 1055.41%!

It’s clear from these findings, that “Facebook native videos are the go-to video format on Facebook.” Not surprising at all. So, it’s crucial that you use Facebook native video. And if you do, try to use as much live video as well!

You can download the full survey here.

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