Multiple Social Media Accounts In One Window? Yes, We Can!

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Even if you are in the social media sector or just a small business owner, you may have already come across the dreadful process of opening different browsers and/or multiple private windows, in order to sign in to your different social media accounts. So, you end up with countless private or new windows and keeping track of what’s what seems completely impossible.

Even if many among us could swear on the name of integrated social media platforms (e.g. Hootsuite or Social Sprout), there are others who would like to tailor their message on each social network, or just can’t handle remembering one more passoword.

We desperately wanted to resolve this issue and with a little search we found some cool add-ons for Chrome that will help you keep all your social media accounts under one window.

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If you’re using Chrome, then you can search and install Identity Mask Add-on. With Identity Mask, you can sign-in and use multiple accounts on the same site simultaneously. The functionality is simple as 1-2-3; You just click on the icon that appears next to the address and a new tab will appear, where you can login using a different account. If you right click on a link, you open link using a new identity and when you right click on a page, you have a duplicate of the page, where you can sign in with a different identity. Have a look.


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Would you use Identity Mask?

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