Multiple Image/Video Posts On Instagram Now Available In Landscape or Portrait

by • August 31, 2017 • InstagramComments Off on Multiple Image/Video Posts On Instagram Now Available In Landscape or Portrait2222

Since Instagram launched multiple image and video posts, all you could do was post them as square. Now they’re available in landscape or portrait as well. 

When Instagram started out, its users could only post square media. Later on, it began to allow different aspect ratios as well. But when the platform rolled out multiple images and videos within one post, earlier this year, media had to be square. Now, Instagram is adding landscape and portrait formats to the mix. The catch? You can only share media in the same format each time.

So, you’ll have to choose between landscape, portrait, or square, before you post, and stick to that with all images or videos. You shouldn’t be confused. This is a good thing. Let’s just call it “consistency.” In addition to the upgrade, Instagram has made several other improvements as well. One is that you can now edit tagged people in a post even after you have posted. The other is that you can now save multiple image and video posts as drafts. The latter is now available on iOS. Nice.

Make sure to update to version 12 for iOS or Android to get the formatting upgrade.

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