MT vs. RT – A Twitter Battle of Generations?

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As more people join in the micro-blogging social platform, there will always be a gap in understanding between the “old school” users and “new generation” users. Twitter is one of those networks that is growing tremendously and there are often terms that are unfamiliar to many.

This has come to light recently with the addition of MTs… But what’s an MT and how is it different from an RT? Maybe you have also heard of HT….

So we thought we could put back some meaning on these 3 and find out what each is exactly and how to use them:

RT – The “old school” ReTweet. In this case, you like the content someone else posted and you simply re-post it as it originally was, with no other modification than adding RT @username. Anything after “RT” should be exactly what was originally tweeted.

MT – (Modified Tweet) is the “New Generation” way to re-use content originally posted by someone else. The main difference with a ReTweet is on how you can actually modify part of the tweet you are reposting... It gives you flexibility into offering a different approach or opinion while re-posting.. or even bringing in modifications to make the retweet fit into the 140-character limit (what we actually do very often as in the current example…)

HT – This one is very new actually. HT stands for Heard Through and is more or less a new geeky way of mentioning someone else… Just use HT @username  instead of “via”

Now truth is only a few users are using these “new” ways and RT remains the #1 way to re-post content from someone else.


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