Most Popular Curse Words on Facebook

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Late for work? A swear word and it is fine.

Traffic jam? You “show off” some fingers and it is fine, too (?).

How about the language we use on the second most “social platform” after real life (!), Facebook?

The guys at Slate Magazine, conducted a keyword analysis using a new Facebook developer tool that estimates the number of user interactions (including public or private status updates, photo captions, and comments) that mention a word or phrase, so as to determine the most popular profanity used.

ATTENTION: Avoid reading this post, if you are a sensitive person or under eighteen.

# Shit with 10.5 million interactions in the U.S

# Fuck at 9.5 million

# Damn at 6.3 million

# Bitch at 4.5 million

# Crap at 2 million

# Fag, pussy, dick, cock and darn (?) marking the biggest gender gap

# Bloody claimed the No. 3 spot in the U.K. and ranked fourth in Australia

# Bugger and bollocks on the U.K. chart, and arsehole replaced asshole


Blushed already?

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