Most Looked For Skills in Digital Marketing

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Nowadays many are looking to join in the Digital Marketing trend and are looking for employment in companies, agencies or even small businesses. In a very similar way, many businesses are looking into getting into Digital Marketing and are on the lookout for skilled people to recruit.

And this is where the gap first shows: Skills expected by businesses do not match what the market offers… or not exactly at least.

In its recent 2014 State of Digital Marketing Talent study, The OMI (Online Marketing Institute), asked 747 advertising and Fortune 500 marketing executives which digital marketing skills they value the most, and which skills their talent actually possess. This enabled them to identify the largest talent gaps, and the most coveted digital marketing skills to have in 2014. (We define the talent gap as the difference between skills/specialties marketing executives value the most, and the skills their talent currently has.)

And Kelly Services did an incredible job creating this infographic to go along with the report—it highlights these key gaps and opportunities:

The Digital Marketing Talent Gap

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