More Twitter Buy Buttons To Come

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It’s been over a year when Twitter announced that it launched the Buy Button and so far we have seen some successful implementations of the tool. However, its overall spread remained relatively low, given that Twitter had made the button available only though a handful of e-commerce platforms.

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During the course of 2015, the pressure from investors was getting more and more intense. With an audience growth stalled and some serious C-level tribulations, Twitter found itself in a position where it had to amplify its offering to become more appealing and profitable.

With this in mind, the social network announced yesterday that it will now make its Buy button available through additional e-commerce platforms. Among them Bigcommerce, Demandware and Shopify. The brands that are adopting the Buy button, include Best Buy Adidas, PacSun and many many more. All transactions are powered by Stripe Relay.

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This update means that, hopefully, Twitter will be able to generate much more revenue, by creating sales lead and attracting brands and advertisers. This could possibly help towards putting all those nasty Street comments to rest, don’t you think?

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