Minds Is A New Super Private Social Network

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Ask most social media users about their main concern and you will almost always get the same answer: privacy.

This is the grounds on which Minds, a new super private social network, hopes to gain millions of users.

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Minds is not just another new social network, it is backed by Anonymous. And that, by itself, is a guarantee on the network’s commitment to privacy, security and transparency.

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Minds is built around the same model than any other social network: you can post updates that will be seen by your followers, who can, in turn, comment or promote the stories they read. The big difference lies into the fact that all messages, updates and comments are encrypted, so that they cannot be used by advertisers or even governments. And that is obviously the reason why Minds is backed up by Anonymous.

But limiting Minds to just being a super secure private social network would not be fair to the platform. Minds is also different from other traditional networks, because it integrated gamification deep into its platform. Users get rewarded for interacting with posts, by voting, commenting or posting their own updates. By doing so, they gain points they can then use to promote posts on the platform, so they get seen by more people. Awesome?

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Minds describes itself as a “network that rewards you with reach”.  And with this mechanism, Minds is of course playing the transparency card, not like Facebook and its secret Newsfeed algorithm.

So what do you think of Minds?

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