Mindie, It’s Like Vine but with Pop Music

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Launching today, Mindie is a beautifull video sharing iOS app that comes to compete with Vine. Based on the now familiar concept of short looping videos to be shared on social media, Mindie brings a whole new world: add a song as a backing track!

Co-founder Grégoire Henrion explained:

“Music is a catalyst for creativity, it’s very complicated to shoot an interesting video, but if you put music on an awful video, it will make it interesting,” he continued.

Choose a track before you start recording and a create a short (up to 7 seconds) and shareable micro pop music video that stars your pets, friends, or apretty much anything around you.

Slight downside, the music doesn’t always loop nicely… but this will not spoil the fun!


Download Mindie from the Apple Store

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