Messaging App Kik Introduces Hashtags

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Hashtags have found their place almost everywhere in our online life, so it was only a matter of time before Kik, one of the fast growing messaging app in 2014, would have introduced them too.

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A recent update to its iOS and Android apps introduced hashtags to Kik. To be more specific, hashtags are now clickable links to chat groups where Kik believes “like minded users can congregate to discuss topics, share photos/information and (potentially) meet new people.”

Kik is not yet the most known messaging app out there, but it has a pretty good year, raising $38 million funding and the launch of promoted chats to (finally) involve brands and bring monetisation to the platform.

By introducing hashtags, Kik co-founder and CEO Ted Livingston explained to TechCrunch that the company is back to the basics:

Hashtags resumes our focus on the core chat experience. We’ve spent a lot of time building up content, and now we think we’ve nailed the platform.

With this new feature, Kik made it much easier for users to communicate around a wedding, a party, a holiday or any other event. Imagine what a Kik group conversation could be for your next seminar for example.


And there is more to the recent update. You can now add a profile pic and a name to your group conversations. Oh, and group conversations can now include up to 50 people!

Have you tried Kik? What is your opinion on the new features?

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