Meet Zerply, The LinkedIn for Artists

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Zerply is a network for the world’s top creative talent in TV, film, and games. It is not exactly a new platform but it does deserve the extra awareness. In fact Zerply comes to fit in this new category of “dedicated social networking platforms” by offering a new way to connect talent in the entertainment industry.

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Initially launched in 2010 as a network and portfolio site for creative professionals in general, the platform has recently repositioned as an invite-only community and resource for the top creative talent in TV, film, and games.

Say you are an artist, actor, comedian, musician or game designer. You will often find it quite hard to get connect to the right people in order to find your next gig. This is where Zerply comes in.

Christofer Karltrop, co-founder of Zerply, puts it like this:

It shouldn’t be so hard for talent and companies to find each other. We built Zerply to make the process of transitioning from one production to the next seamless for recruiters and creative pros alike. Our mission is to change the face of hiring in TV, film, and games for the better.

To register onto Zerply you will however need to be invited as the platform still operates as an invite-only community. So to get on Zerply, simply click on the “apply for membership” button, fill-in your details and information on why you really should be on the platform and the good guys will get back to you quickly.

This process has been chosen by the founders to ensure Zerply remains a high quality and dedicated network.


What do you think of “dedicated social media platforms”? Are you registered on any of them? What has your experience been like? Share your story in the comments.

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