Meet The 5 Types of Social Media Complainers

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Dealing with unhappy customers is the one thing most business are afraid of when they first start being active on social media. It is indeed almost a certainty that you will, at some point, encounter users that will want to complain about your product, your services or your brand.

In fact, ExactTarget has identified 5 types of social media complainers:

  1. The Meek – no history of complaining, but will act if pushed to the edge
  2. The Aggressive –  readily complains in loud manner, but potentially a great brand advocate if you solve his problem
  3. The High-Roller –  expects the best of the best and will voice his complaint if not satisfied
  4. The Opportunist – complains only with the hope to gain something he would normally not be entitled to
  5. The Chronic Complainer – this customer’s life mission is to whine, no matter what

Infographic on WeRSM

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