Meet Prynt, The Phone Case That Prints Out Your Photos

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Sit tight people, because I have some fantastic news!

You remember that good old Polaroid camera, right? I know you do – well, French entrepreneurs Clément Perrot, David Zhang and their team are resurrecting the concept with the launch of an instant camera phone case: Prynt.

The idea is simple: Plug your phone, snap a photo, and the case will print it out in less than 30 seconds.

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Many of us store an endless number of photos on our phone. You may share them with your friends on Facebook and Instagram but among the hundreds (or more) photos you have, I’m sure you wish you could stick a few on your fridge or have them on a scrapbook, right? Well, Prynt is here to help you tick this box on your wish-list by bridging the gap between digital and physical photos.

Co-founder Clément Perrot explained where the idea came from:

Nowadays, people take thousands of pictures with their cell phones, but they never look at them. So we decided to create an object that would make them share pictures with their friends in a tangible way.

Not only that, but it will also record a video clip of the 5 seconds leading up to the picture. You know, the moments when you try to strike the right pose, the perfect smile or angle. Then, through Augmented Reality technology, you can scan the printed photo, watch the clip back on your phone and see it coming to life!

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A lot of thoughts have been put into the case to make it flawless: in the 1 year that lasted the development phase, no less than 15 different prototypes have been tested.


Afterwards, the Paris-based team launched a campaign on Kickstarter hoping to collect $50,000 to start production. The success was so overwhelming that the target was hit in about 30 minutes!The following days, Prynt kept on gaining steam and in the end, 9,023 backers bought into the project allowing the young entrepreneurs to secure a whopping $1,576,011 in funding!

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The case is only available for pre-order now but the French lads said it will be released over the course of the Summer. When launched, the Prynt case will support the iPhone 5/s/c/6 and the Samsung Galaxy S4/S5.

The team continuously update their backers on their Kickstarter page, so if you’re looking for updates on the project, head over here.

In case you’re not as thrilled as I am yet, this video will build the hype:

➤  Prynt | Turn your smartphone into an instant camera

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