Meerkat Beats Periscope To Android With New App Launch

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We were excited to hear that Meerkat was going to launch on Android, and now it’s here. The company has just announced that the Meerkat Android app is available to all. With Twitter‘s Periscope hot on it’s heels, can this launch make a difference for Meerkat? It has been this year’s most talked about newcomer, having beat Twitter to the live streaming “war” several months ago, but Periscope is now closing in fast.

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Twitter had tried to kill Meerkat by denying access to its API, but it bounced back. Now, it’s giving Twitter a run for its money by beating Periscope to Android. Live streaming is about to become massive, and Meerkat‘s success is due to that, despite the fact that it has failed to live up to expectations on several occasions. In it’s first day of being available, the new app has now been downloaded under 500,000 times and has a rating of 2.7 stars. With over 1,500 mixed reviews, it’s not particularly impressive, but it’s not that bad considering that Periscope has seen over 1 million users sign up within its first 10 days after launch.

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Periscope has certainly put a dent in Meerkat‘s growth, but live streaming is a burgeoning market that is about to explode. Despite some legal privacy issues that have been highlighted, my feeling is that when a framework is put in place, we will see many more apps in the field.

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Of course, neither Periscope, nor Meerkat were the first live streaming offerings, but they are part of a new breed of apps that use the power of the Twitter feed – an excellent realtime marketing tool in its own right. In any case, things will really heat up if and when Facebook or Instagram join the race. I think it’s just a matter of time until one or both of them jump in.

In any case, there are many opportunities for either individuals (celebrities, artists, bands) or brands, in live streaming. The next few months will tell.

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