McDonald’s (Fake) Twitter Fail Goes Viral

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Whether it was a perfect save or a beautifully-planned moment, McDonald’s Black Friday “blooper” went viral, and put the brand in front of millions on Twitter.

To this day, no one really knows: was it a silly mistake by McDonald’s social media manager or a well-thought-out plan? The fact of the matter is, that when the world woke up on this Black Friday 2017, it seemed like something was wrong on McDonald’s Twitter profile:

At first, everyone thought this was one of these “copy/paste” bloopers again. People were already feeling sorry for the poor social media manager, who would probably lose their job after tweeting this on the official @McDonaldsCorp account: “Black Friday **** Need copy and link****

I mean, how could they?

The tweet rapidly gained momentum with people from all over the world, liking and retweeting. But soon, some of us started doubting the innocence of this “mistake.” Voices on Twitter started calling out a carefully-planned moment, that only an established brand would dream to pull: the fake mistake. After all, we have all heard it: if you want engagement, make a typo. Only this time, McDonald’s got a lot of it (engagement). Yes, over 20,000 Retweets to this day.

Some eight hours later, McDonald’s had still not removed the tweet (which made everyone come to realise they would play their way out of it). And then, the reaction finally came:

“When you tweet before your first cup of McCafé… Nothing comes before coffee.”

And that’s when Twitter went crazy. Within minutes, users applauded the come-back as the perfect response to the earlier blooper.

Personally, I choose to think this was a perfect plan, and that it always was meant to go this way. I believe so, because McDonald’s has been pushing hard for its McCafé, and this was too perfect to be just the result of a random error. If not – if it was indeed a badly scheduled Tweet that is, then I salute McDonald’s decision to leave it live and come back with the perfect response. In any case, I say: well-played.

What did you think? Blooper or smart plan?

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