Mayorships Are Back! And Swarm Is Fun Again.

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Eleven months have passed since Foursquare decided to split into 2 apps. Eleven long months during which Swarm users were left wondering why they should still check-in… the gamification and those mayorships we cherished, all that had made Foursquare what it was, was gone.

Well, it’s time to rejoice, for mayorships are back on Swarm!

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Yes, Foursquare has (finally) heard user feedback and brought back in the one feature that once made it so fun to use the app.

And it’s game on from the very first day of what some already call the rebirth of Swarm. All your old mayorships are gone, so you will have to start from scratch to gain back those beloved mayorships you once claimed.

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The rules have not changed however: you become the Mayor of a place by checking in more than anyone else in the last 30 days. Of course, only 1 check-in per day counts.

Swarm also now makes it easier to brag on Facebook or Twitter whenever you take over a mayorship or receive another sticker.

It’s good to see mayorships come back to Swarm. There were always one of the most loved feature on the old Foursquare app. The question now is: is too late? There’s no doubt Foursquare will now have to fight hard to win back the users who walked away just about a year ago.

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