Marvel Unlocks New Age of Ultron Trailer With Tweets

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Fans of Marvel’s Avengers film franchise rejoiced this week when they were treated to the third instalment of the Age of Ultron trailer. Marvel had promised to unlock the trailer if fans tweeted about it, and as Snickers did during the lead up to the Super Bowl, they kept their promise. And oh boy, was it worth it! It seems that brands are using this method of promotion more and more these days. And it’s quite effective might I add.

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So, what did Marvel do exactly? It made very good use of Twitter‘s Flock to Unlock feature. It all started with a promoted tweet with a “Tweet to Unlock” button which also allowed users to see how far from unlocking the trailer they all were.


Pressing the CTA button then allowed users to share the activation with their followers. The tweet received over 8,000 retweets and over 5,000 favourites. Head over to the unlocked tweet to watch the trailer – or you could just sit tight and watch the awesomness below. ;-)

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Whether you like the Avengers films or not, you have to at least give Marvel credit for the promotion of the film. The trailer itself is epic!

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