Marketers, Find Your Way Through Social Media

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The social media galaxy is growing and it is growing fast. As a marketer, if you have not done so yet, you should really start acting on social media before it becomes so big you may not understand how to make your way in.

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The great guys at Get Smart Content built this infographic which can be used as your guide to your social media strategy. But before we go through the infographic, here are some key stats you ought to remember:

  • 9 out of 10 marketers already use social media
  • – 1 out of 3 companies using social media claim they have ROI from it
  • – 62% actually say social media is necessary for their business to grow
  • 97% of businesses have used Linkedin

Now you should be ready to appreciate the full infographic:

The Marketers Guide to the Social Media Galaxy Read more at

Convinced yet? Social Media can be an awesome tool for your marketing, but for this to happen, you will need to think and establish your strategy before jumping in!

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