Make Your Facebook Photos Stand Out With Stickers

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Remember how thrilled you were when you first discovered Stickers on Facebook Messenger? You were so happy you started having conversations with your best friend that were only made of stickers.

Well, maybe not.

But today, Stickers are just about to make sense on Facebook, finally, maybe.

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After bringing Stickers to Messenger, then to your posts and comments, Facebook is now letting you add stickers to your Timeline photos! And that is maybe the first time Stickers will be awesome.


Adding Stickers to your photos is extremely simple. When you upload a photo, a small “brush” icon will appear on the photo, click on it and you’ll be able to add any Stickers you have previously added to your Facebook:


You can place them anywhere within the image, resize them and delete them if, after all, you don’t like the way it looks like. Note that you won’t be able to remove or add more Stickers once your photo is published.

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I think this will finally make Stickers interesting. And it could be a great way to make photos stand out on the Newsfeed. What about you?


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