Make the Most of Google+ For Your Business

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Maybe you thought Google+ was  not the most important of social network and as such, you have not put much effort into creating your business presence on it. Well think again because with 540 million members and 359 million monthly active users, Google+ can actually offer a great suite of tools that will help you connect with consumers.  

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To start with, Google+ can greatly help you getting a higher ranking in search, simply because as a Google product, it can actually do so. But there is definitely more to it.

The guys at Milestone Internet, a digital marketing agency, have put together an infographic outlining the best practices for using Google+ as a business.

Key Point to Remember

  • – G+ improves your visibility in search results on Google
  • – G+ helps building credibility to your social media marketing with Authorship
  • – The “+1” is like a Facebook Like, but it shows in search results!
  • – G+ comes with Google Hangouts, one of the most advanced video conference and live stream platform

Here is the infographic:


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