Make A Call On Skype, Without A Skype Account

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To “Skype” is one of the leading ways to make calls over the Internet. Whether voice or video, desktop or mobile, Skype is always a great way to talk. And now, you can do so without even having a Skype account!

Skype may have millions of users every month, but technology can get in the way of you having a conversation with a friend or colleague. Why? Because not everyone may have an account, and it can be a tedious thing to open a new profile or download the app for just one call.

And here comes the new “Skype as a Guest” feature. With it, you no longer are tied to having an account to start a conversation with anyone. You can quickly chat, voice or video call, without any hassle. And it’s still 100% free.

“Skype as a Guest” works as a unique conversation link you can share with your contact via email or any other instant messaging service. Once they click on the link, they will be able to join in the conversation immediately, without having to set up an account or download an app.

To get started, simply head over to Skype.com and click on “Start a conversation.” Skype will create a unique URL for you to share with your friends.


As a guest, you can do pretty much everything on Skype, including voice and video calls, group chat, and even securely share photos and files.

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