Madonna Premieres New Music Video on Snapchat

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Music videos have been premiered on Facebook, Twitter and Shazam before, but never on Snapchat. We actually don’t usually think of it as the go-to platform for video. However, some are starting see the platform’s potential video – Snapchat recently introduced the Discovery tab where last week Madonna launched her latest full-length video for “Living for Love”.

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In true Snapchat fashion, users click on the ghost in the Discover tab and the video teaser appears. If they swipe up, the full video loads. If they swipe left they get to see a lot of behind-the-scences stuff.

How is this development important? Well, for one, the Discovery tab opens up a new ad space on the platform. At $750k per ad it’s a little bit on the pricy side but it shows that Snapchat is growing into something bigger and more mature, and could become a close contender to other platforms both in terms of advertising, or video launches – music videos, trailers or even series.

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How is it relevant to you? Well, it only is if you are either using Snapchat or thinking seriously about using it. If you represent a brand that is curious, both Madonna’s video launch and Literally Can’t Even – a Snapchat series that was launched not long ago – could be good case studies. Even more so since Madonna isn’t a particularly good fit for the Snapchat audience, which happens to be younger. Can she pull it off? That remains to be seen. Literally Can’t Even had no such luck, as it didn’t impress audiences. Still, Discover opens up many opportunities for content marketers. It does beg the question though – will bad results stop others from trying?

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