Madonna Launches Music Video on Meerkat and Fails

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Whether it’s the release of a film, an album, or a new music video, artists are starting to use social media a lot more than before to launch something or give fans a sneak peak. Of course, as with all campaigns, sometimes they succeed, and sometimes they don’t. You might remember a while back, when I wrote about Madonna successfully releasing a new video on Snapchat. Lately, she hasn’t “been so lucky”.

Someone thought it would be a great idea to launch a new Madonna video for her song Ghosttown on… Meerkat. That didn’t go very well.

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Instead of using more stable and recognised platforms like YouTube, Facebook, or even Snapchat (again), or even Periscope, the decision was for Madonna’s new video “Ghosttown” to be streamed on Meerkat. Apparently, the feed that was scheduled for 10am PST on April 7 failed, leaving many Twitter users wondering whether this was just Madonna being “fashionably late” or if something else went wrong. Put it this way… They didn’t enjoy it.

The video was finally released the next day, on YouTube… This was what all the fuss was about.

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Whereas I do appreciate an honest attempt at using a very new live streaming app to engage with fans, using a platform that is so under-tested for something so important, is a little incomprehensible. Technology does invariably fail us at times, so it’s important to at least be supported by large-scale operations rather than relatively new startups… It’s more important for something to work the way it should, rather than let down thousands of fans. Wouldn’t you agree?

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