Looking To Reach Twitter And YouTube Users? Try Facebook!

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New social media platforms are born all the time. And the natural way of thinking makes us believe that when one platform rises, another one declines. But is that really the case?

Apparently not, according to a recent survey from Global Web Index.

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The latest data published by GWI shows that most social media users have accounts across several platforms. It also shows that Facebook is still the number 1 by far.

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In fact, with over 93% of Twitter users and 90% of YouTube users having a Facebook account, it almost feels like Facebook is the only platform we should try reaching out to people. Of course, each platform still has its own value, as user behaviours differs from one platform to another.

Perhaps the most surprising statistic comes from the number of Twitter users who also have a Google+ account (78%). When we did expect such a high number for YouTube users (81%) – YouTube is really convincing when it comes to make its users sign up for Google+ – this is more unexpected from Twitter users.

Below is an infographic presenting the results from the full study:


GWI explained the results to SocialTimes:

Clearly, then, we need to divorce ourselves from the idea that the rise of one platform automatically means the decline of another. Most people are using multiple networks — and it’s a trend that will only get more pronounced as messaging applications continue to grow in popularity.

See, the point is that each platform has its own set of strengths and advantages. And while most users may not always be very active on a platform, they still feel like not having a presence would make them miss out on news and/or content.

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But if you’re thinking where you should invest your advertising dollars, my opinion would be to focus on Facebook. Do you agree?

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