Are You Looking For A Mentor? LinkedIn May Help You Find One

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With the rise of entrepreneur and “solopreneur” culture, we have also witnessed the increase in people or groups who identify as mentors.

But how can one find the right kind of support for the business they’re looking to launch, or scale up? That’s the tricky part – but thankfully, LinkedIn wants to play professional matchmaker, for those looking to flourish as entrepreneurs and those seeking to offer knowledge and support to the former.

LinkedIn has introduced a new feature that works in both ways. Users tell LinkedIn if they want to offer or receive mentorship, and they can further customise their preferences by choosing locations or industry they are interested in.

When users sign up to receive a mentorship, they’re presented with possible mentors that, according to their experience, could help them. If the other party is interested in the match, then they can start messaging each other.

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What’s the catch? You can’t swipe. Come on though, it’s a professional network – not a dating app. The feature is being tested in San Fransisco, and some lucky users in Australia. Although we’re not sure when it will be released worldwide, we’re excited to try out this new feature soon.

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