LinkedIn Will Launch A Standalone Groups App

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LinkedIn, is renowned for its active community of professionals who discuss their interests on separate groups. With over 2 million groups, LinkedIn could be the place where professionals from every corner of the world engage in insightful conversations and ideas exchange. But, it’s not.

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It’s true that its Groups approach requires some revamp and re-thinking. The existing system feels chaotic most of times, with discussions spiralling out of context and promotions overtaking serious conversations.

This is why LinkedIn has started reaching out to groups Administrators, informing them about some upcoming changes. More specifically, LinkedIn will make all groups private, thus non-indexable by Google and will make access to them feasible only after having obtained an invitation from an existing member. This way, LinkedIn hopes to cater for professionals who seek to connect and discuss with like-minded members from all over the world.

The great news continue, though. LinkedIn has also a standalone app for Groups on track. In fact, from next week, users will be able to download it and use it on their mobile devices. According to VentureBeat, upon sign-in, users will get to see the highlights of each group they are members. These highlights consist of the most engaging conversations generated within the group.

Apart from that, the app will sport a smart, adaptive algorithm which will learn your interests and what really matters to you, so that engaging stories and content emerges each time you use the app. Moreover, Groups app will give you the opportunity to discover new groups and people you can connect with, based on your skills and experience.

Seems like LinkedIn is moving towards the right direction.

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