LinkedIn: These Are The Most Influential Brands In 2015

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Since it introduced its Content Marketing Score last year, LinkedIn has been looking at which brands were the most influential on its platform. The 2015 results are now in, and it looks like the tech industry is a strong winner once again.

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Content marketing has become a major element of business success nowadays as businesses need to make the extra effort to reach out and inspire their customers.

Joshua Graff, senior director of marketing solutions at LinkedIn EMEA, explained:

With business professionals being 90% through the purchase decision making journey before reaching out to a vendor, content is now the primary way to engage, educate and inspire your customer base.

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The 2015 Top 10 Global Brands On LinkedIn

Like on any social network, the key to succeed on LinkedIn is to break through the clutter. And the way to do that is almost always to provide something interesting and useful to your followers, as Joshua explained:

In a world where professionals are time poor, mobile-minded and have an ever increasing content quality bar, these 10 brands have broken through the clutter to provide high quality, personalised and relevant content that helps their customers and employees become more productive and successful. To be taken seriously, content must provide utility and these brands are doing just that.

So here are the brands that managed their way up in the top 10 most influential brands on LinkedIn. In a non surprising fashion, you will notice how almost all of them are tech brands, more or less dedicated to B2B market:

  1. Microsoft
  2. Forbes
  3. Harvard Business School
  4. IBM
  5. Inc.
  6. Hewlett-Packard
  7. Google
  8. SalesForce
  9. DOMO
  10. EY

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What Do These Brands have in common?

Apart from being from very similar industries, these brands share a common strategy that includes employee advocacy, and they publish updates very frequently:

  • – 99% of the top global brands have employees sharing their content on their networks
  • – 97% of the top global brands have employee posts contributing to their content efforts
  • – 99% of top brands regularly share updates on their Company Page
  • – 73% of top brands are utilizing Sponsored Updates
  • – All of these top brands post an average of 12.6 updates per week

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Go through the infographic below for more specific information on the leading brands from several world countries like France, the US, the UK or even India.


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