Linkedin Now Connects Professionals to Nonprofit Volunteer Opportunities

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LinkedIn is the number one social network when it comes to looking for career opportunities and today the platform is broadening the scope to include volunteering and philanthropic work. The Volunteer Marketplace, spotted by TechCrunch, is a new part of the site where LinkedIn members can find new opportunities to work with charitable organizations.

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Most users see LinkedIn as their online resume, having the platform as a great tool to broadcast their skills and experience, often hoping to get noticed by potential clients, partners or employers. For a while now, people have also been able to list the names of charities and non-profit organization they support. Users can also indicate on their profile which type of volunteering work they would be interested in.

Now Linkedin will be able to use this “volunteer” information to match it up with nonprofits through the Volunteer Marketplace. The idea behind this is to help users find volunteering work they will care for and to facilitate the hard task for non-profits to recruit more volunteers

Hundreds of opportunities are currently listed on the forum, although LinkedIn says it will host thousands “eventually”.


What do you think of this social good initiative by Linkedin?

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