Let The Live Streaming Games Begin!

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The latest announcements about Facebook Live at VidCon will push the platform to take the lead in the competitive game of live streaming. There will be a second spot on the screen, representing an opportunity for streamers to host a type of panel discussion. This is another step that Facebook is taking in order to give users and businesses, the opportunity to manage everything they need from one single platform.


According to a recent article from The Wall Street Journal,

Given its large user base, Facebook should be a viable competitor for consumer attention.

Now we all know that if Facebook does this right, it has all the odds to win. It’s the platform where most people are, and there is no doubt regarding its almost limitless potential to reach people.

The woman who uploaded a video laughing hysterically while wearing the Chewbacca mask chose Facebook Live as the platform to broadcast her message to the world. The last thing she thought would happen, is that it would eventually reach more than 158 million views and 3.3 million shares. Also, just last week, when members of US Congress held a sit-in to demand action on gun violence, the House shut down the C-SPAN cameras and the only way we were able to watch the sit-on was by watching the Facebook Live broadcasts of 19 members of Congress. These videos were watched more than 3 million times.

The live streaming game is changing the way we communicate and consume information. It gives us more access to be on the spot, while things happen. And guess what… all platforms want in.

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The Other Players

A little late in the game, YouTube  – the platform the first space for video creators to share their own content, also announced that soon users will be able to live stream from its app. Just a few weeks previously, we learned from Twitter that Periscope users will now be able to live stream straight from the Twitter app, meaning no need to switch apps.

There is also YouNow, which currently handles 100 million user sessions a month and streams 150,000 live broadcasts each day. And if this is not enough, Tumblr will integrate live-streaming from video apps like YouTube and YouNow as well. This means that everyone is aware of the potential around live streaming, and it’s time to fine-tune it and focus on offering audiences the best experience possible.

The only direct competitor for Facebook’s feature is Blab, a video chat platform for up to 4 persons, but it is still in its beta version. I have used it in multiple occasions, but I can honestly say that I’ve had many connection issues with it. If  Facebook had launched Live before, that woman’s video would have featured C3PO on the other side of the screen! Like in all games, winning is a matter of strategy and a little bit of mindfulness.

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