Latest Meerkat Update Brings Cameo, Facebook Integration, and Library

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Meerkat has released one of it’s most important updates so far, with three new features. Users are now allowed to invite whoever else they want to join their stream as broadcasters, users can join Meerkat with their Facebook accounts, and they can now store streams on the cloud.  Let’s have a closer look at what these mean.

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Being able to sign up for Meerkat with a Facebook account, and the ability to store clips off your device, are definitely very important updates, but Cameo – which allows users to have viewers become broadcasters is promising to be a game-changer in live-streaming. Why is this so? Anyone not particularly familiar with Meerkat, might say “what’s the point”? So what, if others can join my feed?

Well, the whole idea of Meerkat is the ability it gives people to live-stream video to as wide an audience as possible. Cameo allows users to include their viewers within a feed for a minute each time. This makes feeds a lot more collaborative, making the live-stream a very “social” experience.


As Meerkat’s founder and CEO Ben Rubin explained, they

“want to evolve the experience from a ‘broadcasting to’ to ‘broadcasting with’ experience… The best part of Cameo is that we really don’t know what users will do with it”

I for one, can imagine countless uses for the feature. Think of how one could create live coverage of events with multiple camera and reporting angles. The ease with which anyone can now turn their feed into a full on live broadcast is incredible! Viewers can become broadcasters, and vice-versa. If one wants to use Cameo, all they have to do is comment “Cameo @username” or invite a user from their profile.

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If it is accepted that user takes over the stream for anything up to a minute. If you want to end the cameo at any point, either user can simply terminate it and the stream’s owner takes control once again. Both people can end the Cameo at any time, at which point the video returns to the broadcaster who started the stream.

Now, the other two updates are also very important. First is better Facebook integration. You DON’T need a Twitter account to sign up to Meerkat anymore. You can now also use you Facebook account. Very handy for users, and also it shows that Meerkat is looking for ways to distance itself from Twitter’s clutches. Twitter tried to kill Meerkat once before… who’s to say it won’t try again? Also very important is the fact that Facebook Pages can also have Meerkat feeds!

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The final feature that came as part of the update is Stream Library – giving users the ability to store their feeds on the cloud. Initially users had to use third-party solutions to even save their feeds. Later on they were able to save videos on their phones. Now, you can simply save your smartphone’s storage space. You can head on over to your Stream Library at any time to change the privacy settings of your streams. This feature is still in Beta so proceed with caution.

Periscope… Your turn. ;-)

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