KLM Teases Budget Airline Customers With VR Headset

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KLM has launched its Flight Upgrader app, which, when can give you a good idea of what you might be missing when you’re flying budget airlines.

Budget airlines can be cost-effective, but that means taking away some amenities, that, especially when flying long-haul, are essential to our travel. Don’t get me wrong. They are a good thing, and they have opened up a whole new world of travel. But sometimes, we need that extra “je-ne-sais-quoi,” that little extra comfiness, the extra snack, to make our journey not just a process of longing to arrive to our destination, but a nice experience, straight from the moment we check in at the airline desk.

But here’s a free upgrade for you: KLM has just launched its Flight Upgrader app, which gives you a good idea of what you might be missing, when you travel on budget airlines. Here’s the interesting point: KLM’s Flight Upgrader does not transport you to the carrier’s business class, but to its economy class. And in case you didn’t know, KLM offers free hot meals, free entertainment, and a delightful air crew.

It’s not a first for the airline, which has been pioneering experiential marketing for quite some time now, and is particularly known for its cheeky and effective customer service. Earlier this year, KLM launched its Care Tag wearable, a piece of hardware equipped with a GPS sensor, which guides visitors through the streets of Amsterdam, offering them useful and local advice.

Flight Upgrader is available both on iOS and Android.

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