Kik Launches A Bot Store

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Bots are a huge addition to messaging apps, and there are many messaging apps out there eyeing up bot stores. The prime candidate for a bot store is of course Facebook Messenger, but it seems like Kik has just beaten Facebook to the punch. A bot store for Messenger seems to be in the works, but Kik just launched one last week.

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Kik, the messaging app popular among young teens in the US launched a bot store for users to add bots to their experience on the platform. There are all kinds of bots. Weather bots tell you the weather, GIF bots allow you to send and receive GIFs, and the Sephora bot will give you beauty tips.

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There are currently 18 bots in the Kik Bot Store, but Kik has also created a developer platform for developers to create new ones. It is surprisingly simple to begin creating one. All one has to do is go to Kik’s developer page to check out the details first. Of course there is already an ecosystem of companies that will advise you or your company on how to create one – if you need some help.


Bots are a hot topic this year, and Messenger is said to be about to announce its own at F8. Watch this space… Things are heating up fast!

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