Keep Trolls At Bay With The New Twitter Quality Filter

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Notifications are great, aren’t they? Except when they come from trolls, bots or unwanted followers. And that is exactly what the new Twitter quality filter is all about: keeping your notifications clean.

There has been many stories of people deleting their social media accounts because of trolls lately. Just a few days ago, Justin Bieber deleted his whole Instagram account which had been flooded by comments from haters. Before that Twitter had had to ban Milo Giannopoulos, a renown celebrity troll. To add fuel to the fire, Buzzfeed published a scathing report on Twitter’s reluctance to fight off online harassment.

But it is not only celebrities that can suffer from haters, trolls, but also bots and spammers: every user is a potential victim. So Twitter stepped up and decided to protect our notification tab from all the unwanted solicitations.

The new filter, dubbed “quality filter” is a tool to automatically hide all “unwanted” notifications, getting rid of spammers and trolls in one go.

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Activating Twitter’s New Quality Filter

To activate the filter, you will have to visit the Notifications tab from your mobile, tap on the Settings button and turn on “Quality Filter.” You can also chose to see only notifications from people you follow.

The new quality filter promises to give you better control over your Twitter experience, as explained by Emil Leong on the Twitter blog:

When turned on, the filter can improve the quality of Tweets you see by using a variety of signals, such as account origin and behaviour.

However there isn’t much detail about the algorithm behind the filter and we can only assume it will be based on our activity on the platform, the people who follow, and the people who follow us. Time will tell.

Twitter can be hostile sometimes. This new feature is very welcome indeed.

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