Katy Perry Uses Kik Chatbot In New Perfume Campaign

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Chatbots have only been around for a short time, and we are already starting to see campaigns that use them to create more engagement with fans. However, it’s not often that we see a bot being used for a campaign on Kik Messenger.

In a bid to reach her core audience, Katy Perry is launching a campaign for her new perfume, with a Kik chat bot.


Kik is hugely popular among younger audiences, especially in North America. The app recently launched its own bot store for users to interact with brands, and brands are starting to use bots for product launches as well.

For the launch of Mad Love, the new perfume from Katy Perry, a Kik chatbot called Maddie is available for users to complete personality quizzes and get a chance to win the new perfume. Not any perfume mind you… a bottle of it that Katy Perry herself is signing.

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The bot also gives fans Katy Perry stickers and Kik points that they can earn using the app. Fans can then use these to actually buy a bottle of the perfume. This is in case they do not win one of the five special edition ones.

It is an interesting idea and execution from Block Party, the agency that designed the bot. Appealing to an audience that is way too young to even think about owning a credit card, Katy Perry gives her fans the opportunity to “buy” her product by interacting with the campaign.


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